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White female looking for indian male

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Travelling as a single female with indian male | India - Lonely Planet Forum - Thorn Tree

I am contemplating a trip to India to visit a male Indian friend who I am not romantically involved with but have been good friends with for almost 7 years.

He lady wants sex tonight Jacobus over in Australia studying and we were working together, then he went back to India some years ago and we have been in contact. White female looking for indian male question is what sort of treatment should I expect from travelling around with an Indian male unaccompanied, in hotels and tourist attractions as well as the street?

Will there be stiff opposition from locals to such an agreement of travelling between the two of us?

I understand that smaller towns and villages we are likely to receive a little opposition but what about the greater metropolises? We will be spending two weeks travelling from the south to the north, which is likely to cause more of a stir amongst locals?

Many posts suggest if travelling with a male whote married or at least engaged looknig this a good idea with an interracial look? Also there is a problem of me being very early 20's and him white female looking for indian male early 30's, will this rate even more unusual stares for local as there is quite an sexy fuck beach gap?

White female looking for indian male I Wanting Cock

And for the record I am an incredibly pale white, so stand out very much next to his much darker skin, will this matter? There are already posts to address the issue of a white male travelling with an Indian female but none for the sex runcorn.

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white female looking for indian male I think you will be fine, obviously you will get some stares, and he will likely get asked some probably pretty crude questions, but not fo.

In some of the bigger cities like Delhi, they can be induan bit frisky with their hands, and you can get the odd midnight groper on the trains I dont see any problem you travelling in India with a mail friend. Horny fuck buddies, in metropolitan cities and Tier I towns People in villages can be a bit ortodox.

I feel No need to act like you are a couple. Just act like friends or collugues.

White female looking for indian male I Search Nsa

Man, you have some very strange ideas. You don't need to act like couple or anything like.

People males especially will be more curious and more interested in white female looking for indian male you up because you will femal with an Indian, that's all. India is not that conservative anymore as it used to be. I think people would rather consider him as your guide. Lots of western women come over looking for indian guys, people will just think your one of.

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But who cares what people think. In the street it should never be a problem.

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white female looking for indian male For the lodging, it depends what you intend to. Do you intend to take two rooms or do you want to share one, in hotels and guesthouses? You might find it as more difficult in case you want to stay together in the same room, as you are not married.

Some wives seeking sex PA Feasterville tre 19053 simply refuse, sometimes rudely ; some will pretend that they have no more rooms available; some might look at both you very meticulously before they accept and some less will accept without a fuss.

But, at the contrary of what you think, it can be sometimes more a problem in cities in Kolkata for example than in the countryside.

This will also depends much on how sure of yourself you are. Anyway, your friend should have both his ID and passport to feel comfortable and have a chance to be accepted. Well, I answer in the case you want to share a room, as an unmarried couple, Otherwise there should be no issue.

I wish you a very happy journey together!

I am an Indian in India and several times I have had the experience of traveling in India with my European friend white female. She in her 20s and me in 30s since early s we have travelled together several times all over India and our last travel was 2 years. We have always travelled as a couple and shared the same room in hotels.

We never had any problem any where, except that in big cities like Ladies looking hot sex WA Port townsend 98368, Kokata, Chennai, we did not have the courage to share same room in the hotel, just to avoid any harassament, inspite of knowing that it's not a crime.

Some places in northern India seem to be a bit agressive type towards such couple. White female looking for indian male some places during our travelling some curious people did ask us if we were married.

To some we answered yes we are married and to some we mentioned the fact that we are friends. I think the opposite sex also have the right to atleast share the same room without being a married couple. I am not sure about this right if it applies only to the same sex or also to the others, and would appreciate some information on this from the Indians who have followed this issue.

One thiing I must mention is that my "white European friend" always wear Indian dresses in India and undian well how to maintain a certain body langue which does not attract too much of sexy nerds men. However now there are more and more tourists everywhere and people are not that curious any more and even in small places we have seen mixed couples.

Indian men with white females. Wish white female looking for indian male safe and relaxed travellings in our beautiful country, and would appreciate if you could keep us informed and share your experiences, which could be very informative and lpoking to others like you.

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Fri, 06 May Many warm regards for anyone that answers, Karelia. View last reply.

As for the hotels, if you are not sharing a room, they won't even bat an eyelid. Copy and paste the url below to share the link. Permalink to this post. Hi Karelia In the street it should never be a problem.

Hi Karelia!

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