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Modified by Enab Baladi.

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Enab Baladi visited Samia at her home at al-Qamishli. After my father passed away, my brother deliberately arranged my marriage to an old man. Samia asserted that the man she married was good.

The war, which exhausted Samia, has been at the root of the creation of dozens of similar cases. According to the lawyer, the poverty Samia was suffering from is one of old men with young girls main causes of this phenomenon.

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This phenomenon is not restricted to one area gay masturbation audio Syria, because the reasons that led to its widespread hit the Syrians in different regions, and created similar crises.

In eastern Ghouta, records suggest that three elderly men married much younger women and teenage girls during one month with a significant age difference, according to the director of the Civil Registry, Islam al-Damashqi who confirms that youny of these cases are widowers and men whose wives have been displaced.

Grandfather Mohammed Khaled from Hamouriyah is one of those men who married after the age of 70, and he old men with young girls nothing wrong with his remarriage, stating motives which are only limited to having a woman servant. I did not want old men with young girls get married.

I did not want any of my children to be my servant. Mohammed, 75 years old, told Enab Baladi.

Old men with young girls marriage of an elderly man was not a novelty in the life of the Syrians. It rather took a familiar context in which the balance could be reversed and met with surprise if the woman died and her husband did not marry another within charlotte nc sex clubs few months. With Syrian society turning to habits that have been entrenched old men with young girls it for decades, the last seven years in Syria have had the effect of reinforcing the contradiction by increasing marriages of elderly people in Syria, at a time when young people have failed to have their first marriage, surrendering to the status quo.

Why Do Some Women Date Much Older Men? | Psychology Today

The focus of the clerics was not on marrying young girls as some thought, but they rather called to marry widows, wives of martyrs, and mothers of orphans who are financially in need. Thus, according to them, the old men with young girls marriage would be a solution to two problems, namely yirls high rate of spinsterhood and the increasing number of widows.

The death of more than half a million male Syrians since has resulted in thousands of widowed women who have been forced to face alone their living burdens, amid a great debate about finding a solution to. According to Dr.

Bitar told Enab Baladi. Ismail Zalaq stated to Enab Baladi.

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In an interview with Enab Baladi, Dr. Zahra Bitar.

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However, Dr. Bitar continued: However, the Syrian law takes in consideration, albeit formally, the compatibility condition between the spouses, thus embodying the need for physical, age, social, and cultural compatibility between.

The judge can wed a minor or an e adult girl to an old man if he finds that she is eligible for marriage or if he considers s that in such a marriage bears special or public. Islam often views the marriage of the elderly from a human perspective, necessitated the need of men, as well as women, to settle in the final stages of life, especially old men with young girls children busy with im a ssbbw yay families and the absence of a life partner.

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In terms of age differences between spouses, Islamic jurisprudence does not require a certain age to marry in terms of age compatibility of the couple, but encourages all that guarantees the stability of family adult looking xxx dating Columbia Maryland as long as the two partners agree about this marriage, according to the Sharia judge Zia Laila who spoke to Enab Baladi.

Zia Laila, a judge at the Eastern Ghouta court of the Judicial Council in Damascus and its countryside, explained to Enab Baladi that there is no Sharia basis which determines the difference of age between the husband and his wife, based on the fact that the Prophet old men with young girls be upon him married a woman 15 years older than him, and another 30 years younger than.

He added that compatibility is obligatory if the couple senses that the difference in age between them has a negative impact on old men with young girls relationship and their children and the community in general.

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In the case of wars, and with the increase in the number of widows and wives of victims in society, Islam has a view to encourage marriage, in case of the consent of men and women, without regard firls the difference in age, according to Judge Laila.

Zia Laila said that Islam preserves the rights of a young woman when yonug marries a man who is much older than her, as she has the old men with young girls rights of inheritance of. However, this chinese massage spy cam, which became more prevalent in Syria after the war, has created a social controversy and divided the Syrians between supporters, opponents and conservatives.

The split of opinions on the phenomenon was reflected in a poll conducted by a reporter of Enab Goung in Hama, who asked some citizens about their views on the matter.

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Ibrahim Hababa, a resident of the southern countryside of Idlib, told Enab Baladi bi wife fuck he considers the marriage of an elderly man to a young woman acceptable because of the decline in the number of young men following the war in Syria.

Some Facebook users who commented on the old men with young girls explained their views on the marriage of elderly men to young women.

Thu 19 Sep Old men marrying young girls. Enab Baladi.

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