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Moms best friend sex stories

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Will you answer the door and put the package on the kitchen table for me?

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Pat was George and Michele's year-old son who was home during a break between his first and second semester in college. He had grown into a nice looking young man, standing nearly 6'2" and weighing lb.

He had nicely trimmed dark brown hair and deeply set blue eyes. He kept himself in shape by working out daily at the college health and fitness center. Betty Wilson, a long friend of Michele's was 49, and had been moms best friend sex stories for nearly six years. Even though she was more than twice his age, Pat had often fantasized about having sex with Betty.

She was a petite woman, standing only 5'2" and weighing less moms best friend sex stories lb. Despite her small stature her breast size was a full 36D.

My Bbw Mom’s Best Friend – Erotic and sexual stories

She kept her auburn hair trimmed short, and with her black rimmed glasses, she always reminded Pat of a prim and proper school librarian. Pat was convinced this was part of the turn on for.

During the past six years or so Betty would often drop by George and Michele's house once or twice a week. And during stpries visits Pat would try to sneak peeks of her thighs phone sex forums she crossed and uncrossed her legs and adjusted her skirt while sitting on the couch.

She often wore her semi-transparent white blouse revealing her bra and well-formed breasts would drive Pat nearly crazy. More often than not, after, or even during these visits, Pat would make an excuse and rush upstairs to his bedroom and lock the door. With Betty's image planted squarely in his mind, he would slide out of his pants, and after just a few furious strokes on his cock, would cum what seemed like gallons.

Now moms best friend sex stories was a sophomore in college moms best friend sex stories living on moms best friend sex stories. And though he had been involved with two or three girls his same age, all of it consisted of just heavy petting. He was still a virgin. And to be honest, during more than one of those heavy petting sessions, he closed his eyes and imagined the girl he was with was Betty.


Moms best friend sex stories I Am Look For Men

Was it normal to fantasize about an older woman? If not, he didn't care. Betty had provided him with many nights of orgasmic ecstasy. The thought of seeing Betty again after a 3-month hiatus was arousing, even if it was just for a moment as she dropped off the package for his mom.

Mom's Best Friend - Mature -

I have a package I'd like to give her, he thought, and smiled. It was only 9: He couldn't wait that long. He searched in his closet for his stash of porn videos and selected one.

No one was home, his father was out of town on business, and his mom wouldn't return before 4pm. Why not just watch it on the wide screen downstairs, he thought. Pat finished unpacking his clothes and took a shower. He dried off and figured he could forgo any clothes. He admired his body in the mirror, his cock began to expand a little moms best friend sex stories the anticipation he held in his hand.

He gave it a few strokes and headed downstairs with the video. It was 9: North berwick ME wife swapping gave him plenty of time to watch black desi girl video, jerk off, get dressed and hopefully be able to answer the door without a raging hard moms best friend sex stories pointing at Betty as he received the package.

He put the video in, rewound it, and hit the play button. He fixed himself a coke, and then walked back upstairs to get a small jar of vaseline from his parent's bathroom to assist.

He could hear the faint sound of moaning coming from the downstairs television. After searching for several moms best friend sex stories, he found the jar sitting almost directly in front of him on the sink counter. As Pat came down the stairs, he caught the faint smell moms best friend sex stories something familiar.

It foot fetish japanese perfume, but not his mother's. At the bottom of the stairs he stopped. He found the source of the perfume. She was standing just beyond the foyer no more than three or four steps inside the family room.

She was staring at the television. When Pat saw her, he tried to turn quickly and run back up the stairs. Then he heard her voice. Wilson, I. He could feel the heat rise in his cheeks. He dropped the towel to the floor.

Moms best friend sex stories

He was standing in front of his fantasy with a hard on pointing directly towards. He was able to pick up the towel. I told your mother I would be dropping off a package for her at I'm sorry.

And he was standing directly in front of her wearing nothing at all but a smile and holding a jar of vaseline only partially moms best friend sex stories by the towel he was holding. Wilson, I'm sorry about this," Pat said, best free sexy he avoided eye contact.

He wanted to get to the video and shut it off. He had never been so embarrassed in his life. He had wrapped the towel around his waist but his bewt on made the biggest point.

Pat stopped and turned to face. She had an expression on her face Pat had never seen. Betty opened the towel. She stared shories moms best friend sex stories his cock and smiled. She slowly stroked his cock, squeezing the head between her thumb and finger. Betty knew George friens out of town until the next day and Michele wouldn't home until late in the afternoon. She slowly ran her hand down to his balls. Pat couldn't believe what was happening.

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She stroked him while they spoke. She let the kiss end but never besy stroking his hard on. Pat was primed and ready. She took the jar of vaseline from Pat and said, "I don't think we'll be needing this bakersfield escort backpage as she set it on the coffee table. His head was spinning.

She took him by the hand and led him to the couch. Betty was wearing a knee length plaid skirt and one of her semi-transparent blouses. Her skirt slid up to her mid moms best friend sex stories when she sat down, and through her blouse he could see momz outline of her nipples.

On the television screen a man was slowly licking a blond woman's breasts, and she was moaning with pleasure. She didn't wait for his answer, and was already unbuttoning her blouse. Betty slipped out moms best friend sex stories her blouse and then unhooked her bra and let massage envy ft lauderdale fl fall by her. Her beautifully full breasts and bright pink nipples were now in view to Pat.

Pat gasped. Pat dove between her breasts, moving from one to the other, kissing, licking and sucking.

Betty cradled his head in her hands. She began to moan softly. She reached down and began to stroke his cock. Pat could not control himself that much longer, yet he wanted to explore his fantasy for all swx was worth. Soon they began to copy the couple on screen.

My Mom's hot my name is Johnathan, I selected a red thong that smell the best then went to the bathroom. As I stood over the toilet. Free Original Erotic Stories. tag MatureMom's Best Friend Even though she was more than twice his age, Pat had often fantasized about having sex with Betty. with his mother's friend. A hot affair with mom's third best friend. Meeting a friend's son. Mother, son. Mother's friend. and other exciting erotic at Literotica. com! 'mother's friend' stories. Active tags .. Day after sweet sex, things get hot.

Betty stood Pat up and took his raging hard on into her mouth. She sucked on the shaft and licked the head. He moaned and knew right then and there he was going to blow his load in her mouth.

I want to taste you. She squealed like a school girl.

She took his cock into her mouth, down to his balls. Pat tried to make her stop but she fought him off. She sucked him dry. The couple on the screen were fucking, the woman was on all fours and this huge cock was ramming moms best friend sex stories into her from.

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He rubbed the head of his cock between her cheeks. His cock slid in easily and quickly found she wanted it as bad as he did. Report Story.

with his mother's friend. A hot affair with mom's third best friend. Meeting a friend's son. Mother, son. Mother's friend. and other exciting erotic at Literotica. com! 'mother's friend' stories. Active tags .. Day after sweet sex, things get hot. Let me start with this, my mom's best friend is HOT. They have been friends since grade school. When I was a k**, I spent a lot of time with her. Milf Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. her still astonish by the fact that my mom's best friend is seducing me. . She then shouted “Ohh fuck!.