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Male equivalent of a cougar I Want Men

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Male equivalent of a cougar

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Age: 49
Relationship Status: Mistress
Seeking: I Am Wanting Vip Sex
City: Hammond, IN
Relation Type: Non-Drinker, Smoker, And Druggie Seeks The Same In Partner

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Top definition.

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The male version of a cougar ; an older man who preys on younger women. Smith is such a manther, did you see his new girlfriend? She's sexy girl money to eqivalent less than a quarter of his age.

What a hideous manther.

Male equivalent of a cougar I Am Look Sexual Partners

Challenge Video. An older man who frequents bars, lounges and clubs, never a genuine gentleman, ranging from ten to fifty years older than his victim. Usually carries an unusually fat walletwears too much cologne, and dresses younger than his age.

If balding, may never take off his ball cap in order to hide his aging hairline. Manthers prey on their younger victims in order to gain popularity amongst their fellow mathersas well as for a sexual high.

Some manthers are extremely good looking, stylish and somewhat gentlemanly. Others are old, drunk dirt balls with a lot of money and a feeling of self-entitlement.

Damn Shelleywhy do all the mathers have to whip out their wallets and expect me to go to bed ot them? Look at that manther over there! Maybe I can get him to buy us some drinks; I need a sugar daddy.

Male Call: What’s the male equivalent of a cougar? – The Mercury News

Manther. Eli Roth is a Manther.

Manther unknown. I am entering the world of the Manther so I know what I want I am confident in my position to lure unsuspecting younger girls Mid-Late 20's away from the groping ill dressed baggy winnipeg date uneducated stumbling mass of same aged men.

I represent a different more experienced mature, direct and sophisticated approach to sexual encounters. A new delicacy.

I Am Wants Sex Male equivalent of a cougar

A seasoned veteran of the sheets and all things therein. Or selective and thoughtful in my approach. Any gap in attention by my young rivals will be exploited.

I am ever ready to out maneuver my young opponents with distractions, humor, experience, and intimidation. I seek to separate a girl from the herd and male equivalent of a cougar her to mals it is a Magical unforgettable encounter soon to be cougsr in that I will appreciate every inch of her In the end I can go either way in my action Check out that guy over there He's a Little older but looks great I think I could get into that Manther for tonight".

Male equivalent of a cougar

My daughters call me this if I otter gay up with a date they think is too young no such thing. The Male counterpart to women called a Cougar pf a Manther. A male cougar. Single, usually divorcedand at a minimum 10 years older than a cougar.

He did not care if the youth laughed at his ragtop male equivalent of a cougar that even at this age he could not afford, for he was manther. Ubisoft goes Steamworks bye bye, always on DRM.

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