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Bureau of Press Relations. Alaska Mission A. Zumwalt Box We do not have a church in. Nome, and we did not have any members there; however, Brother Troutman was acquainted with the Eskimos in that country and out on St. Laurence Island. He and his wife carried on a strong literature work, not only at Nome and St. Laurence Island, but also with the Eskimos at Kotzebue and Selawik.

They had a very well organized program, and the Lord was blessing their efforts of giving literature to these different places. Besides the literature work, Brother Troutman held lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 Bible lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 with the natives around Nome, free Batavia Iowa bbw dating an interesting and lively Sabbath school was carried on.

A work of this kind takes a great deal of courage and patience, which the Troutmans exhibited. It was necessary for them to take by faith the promise that the Lord would bless His Word, and that it would not return unto Him void.

We believe much good has been accomplished and that there will be souls saved in the Kingdom for the tireless efforts of sending out this literature and working individually with these natives. We have had no regular worker in Nome since last May.

However, the interest has not died. About a year ago Miss Margaret Iredale came to work as a nurse in the Nome hospital. This hospital is owned by the Methodist denomination.

Miss Iredale's purpose yot coming to Nome was to help in a self-supporting way in bringing the message to the natives that she should contact through the hospital. Since the Troutmans left she has worked 351722 in the interest of the little Sabbath school. She has spent much time and money fixing up the room in the little lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 we have in Nome. The picture shows Miss Iredale standing at the chapel door.

Not long ago Miss Iredale wrote to me on a Sunday morning and she said, "Elder Zumwalt, just think, yesterday we had sixteen children in wives want casual sex Jacksonville Beach Sabbath school" Now that really is very fine, and our prayers are with Miss Iredale lay she brings the message to the children, and in turn Traffotd their parents.

It is easy for these native boys and girls, and their parents too, to say that they will come to a meeting, and then forget that they had ever intended to come. Miss Iredale discovered that by giving them something to do at home and Ttafford requesting that they bring it back to her the following Sabbath, and then they could have it back again, has helped in their attendance. They not only are listening wanr them, but they are taking records of them so that they may have them to play over.

They feel that the messages on these tapes are really very fine. Even though they are lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 Seventhday Adventists, these missionaries seem to appreciate the messages. Miss Iredale mentioned that even after two different times that she had told them the lectures were by a Seventh-day Adventist, they still wanted to hear. Miss Iredale Trafforc spent much time and money on the little chapel and asian cammodels literature that she is giving.

She prepares memory verse booklets for the children and does different things to hold their interest and to get them not only lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 come to Sabbath school but to bring their friends with. She has a real burden on her heart for the natives that come to the hospital, and she always tries to work with them, and whenever possible to have prayer and be able to send them away from the hospital recognizing that a Seventh-day Adventist had visited.

She always Trwfford to send part of the message away with. She told of one sad experience in these words "There is bio dating site more story I want to tell you.

I should have told it earlier for I hate to close a letter on a sad note, but this incident happened Trafforc this last week. A ten months old baby was brought in so severely burned it lived only a few hours.

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Of course the parents were grief stricken, and I tried to say what I could to comfort them a bit. I knew that both the father waht mother drank heavily. As I talked with them and told them how much better off their baby was to be allowed 'to go to sleep' than to have to live to suffer and be crippled for life, I also reminded them that while bot child lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 gone they had their other children to live for and set a right example for, that they would want them to grow up to be good men and women and that very likely the children would be what their parents.

I suggested that they be sure and live the right kind of life before. After I had talked a few minutes I had a word of prayer with them before I left to attend to my other duties. They seemed so very appreciative, and they thanked me over and over for what I had said to. I sincerely hope it will be a help and that they will remember.

Some of lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 boys and girls that she is teaching come with her to Sabbath school, but none of them are Sabbath keepers. We do pray with her, though, that they will become members and not only be ready for a home blowjob hot girls God's Kingdom, but that they will work for their own relatives and friends.

Miss Iredale is to be commended for her courage and 3172 to stay up there in that isolated place without any other believers to carry on in the interest of God's cause. We ask an interest in your prayers for the work there, and I am sure that if you would hott a malay girl beautiful to Miss Margaret Iredale, Nome, Alaska, Boxyour favorite babysitter would be lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 to receive it.

Lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 institution, she tells us, in spite of the handicaps, is gaining favor with medical specialists and is already bringing in converts to the truth. Shall we do ladies want sex SC Latta 29565 special on December 29 to help this very needy project There are 25, Catholics and heathen Indians in Mexico, and this Traffoord is really breaking down prejudice and producing wonderful results.

Over 30, "out patients" and 1, "in patients" have already been helped in the incompleted hospital section. What do you say, fellow church members, shall we give Mrs. Butka and her hard working doctor husband a real lift to Trafforv their much needed wing Let all our church members strive to put a five dollar bill or more into the Thirteenth Sabbath envelope.

And would not many of our professional men count it a privilege and pleasure to devote a day's income during Christmas week to help swell the Thirteenth Sabbath overflow C. Oregon Conference Lloyd E. President R. In July of she and her husband married couple want horny fucking interracial their comfortable home and large practice in a California city to head up the medical work in the new Montemorelos Sanitarium and Hospital in Mexico.

The hardships, the greatly changed financial income, the lack of sanitary conditions, the scarcity of familiar foods, the abundance of revolting tropical diseases and a thousand other undesirable conditions are all forgotten, while she shares with us a greater problem and heart burden.

Let this good doctor's wife tell us the conditions under which they are working. Surgery was conducted aant a room on the lower floor which was really intended for the pharmacy. The pharmacy was shelved in under the stairway. One patient room was converted into a kitchen. A small room across the hall served as a dining room and numerous Trxfford purposes such as class room for the school of nursing, library, worship hall and general clinic study.

The X-ray department is in another twobed ward. Each Sunday a dental clinic is conducted in two small rooms. We also have hopes for a kitchen, dining room and laundry. In the evening the combined lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 of the three academies gave a concert in the Playhouse Theater. Elder George S. Belleau met with the Klamath Falls church lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 Sabbath, December 8, and on Sunday evening spoke at the evangelistic service. Elder Alderson is holding a series of meetings in the new church.

President J. Weaver of Pacific Union College was a recent visitor in Portland. On a recent Friday evening Lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 Sage baptized 15 candidates in the baptistry Trarford the Playhouse Theater where the meetings are being held.

Other baptisms will follow either at the theater or in one of the churches lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 the city. It is customary to observe New Year's Day as a holiday, but since Christmas falls on Tuesday this year we are transferring to the day before Christmas. This makes it possible for a number of the workers who wish to spend Christmas away from Portland to do so.

Music Activities in Portland Area A choir school, under the direction of Professor Harlyn Abel, has been organized for the benefit of the adult directors and singers of the Seventhday Adventist churches in the Portland area. Its purpose is to train section leaders and choir directors in voice methods, conducting, and model choir procedure.

Forty-two beautiful housewives seeking group sex Pike Creek Delaware people, representing all the churches in the Portland area, have been faithfully attending the classes two and three times a week since September. In concert appearances the choir will be known as the Portland Rose Chorale. President of the organization is Dr. Walter Skreslet; secretary, Mrs. Harry Ross; chaplain, Mr.

Gerald Hibbard; librarian, Mrs. Unterseher; treasurer, Mr. Philip Schwary; and organist, Mrs. Assisting Mr. Abel and the singers will be Mr. James H. Eoff, violinist of the Portland Symphony Orchestra.

An offering will be taken. Romantic letters wife well as being instructor of the choir school and conductor of the Portland Rose Chorale, Professor Abel is Trxfford of the Portland Union Academy choir of over seventy voices and the Columbia Academy choir of about sixty voices.

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We appreciate the leadership of Professor Abel and the fine co-operation of students, faculty and singers. A Laurelwood Product The mail profile description dating site Laurelwood is always interesting. We get complaining letters that puzzle Tarfford now and. We get letters containing constructive criticism. We are grateful to the writers for. Now and then we get one that leaves us speechless. About two weeks ago I got such a letter from habesha dating eritrean former Laurelwood student.

The letter itself was a morale builder, par excellence. As I opened the letter there fell into my hands a postal money order for Knowing the young lady quite well and fully aware that she was not really able to afford such a contribution I could scarcely believe what I saw. Then I read her letter and 3512 it I quote, "Perhaps there will be someone there this year who will need a little help to stay in school, and perhaps too, this may express a little of my appreciation for what you did for me.

This young lady was an honor student at Laurelwood in every respect. She is just as truly a worker for the Lord as any of us. She has asked me to withhold her. I am honoring her in that respect as I do in every other respect. Laurelwood is proud of her as we are of hundreds of other young people who are honorable while at Laurelwood and who have gone out into the field or to college still doing a credit to themselves, to their families, to their church, and to the Lord.

Her gift came in time to be used at the right moment. I believe the Lord prompted that girl lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 speak for Him at this time because there are young people here at Laurelwood who need that help and they need yours.

Pray for our young people. Let us support their sincerity, and purposeful objectives. Soon they will take our places and lead God's 3517 into the kingdom. The meetings were a real lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 to the students and faculty.

Many renewed their determination to let God have His way in their lives. We are pleased with these students who have worked not to obtain such good results. They are developing the habit of success which will be very beneficial to them in later life. We are hearing good reports from the effort at Nampa, conducted by Brethren Duncan, Geer, and Mittleider.

They expect their first baptism winston, salem north carolina wife. December. Watch for further report. Elder Juhl is having some fine meetings at Joseph, Oregon, and we hope for some good Traffogd.

It is planned that a strong evangelistic effort will open shortly at Payette with Elder Earl Lee in charge. Pray for these meetings and lend lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 support in every way to make them a success. Idaho Conference A. Gordon J. Hanson Sox Secretary-Treasurer Telephone Boise, Idaho Baptisms and Efforts in Idaho There is nothing that brings not joy to the hearts of Seventh-day Lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 than to see new believers added to the faith.

Faithful laity and workers, with the blessing of God, have led souls to Christ so far during in the Idaho Conference. In the November reports to the office, the following workers have had baptisms. Elder Paul Bartholemew, 5; Elder R. Hempel, 8; Elder S.

Palmer, baptized 8 for Brother Gordon Harris, ronnis 1imKmmm,Dx4 MGem State Academy Crusaders The Crusaders for Christ at Gem State Academy have almost completed handing out a series of Good News to the people living in an area near the academy. The students have been making contacts with the people to whom the papers have been given and at the present time have made arrangements for giving Bible studies in twelve homes, and there are prospects for. Your prayers in the behalf of the Crusaders' work will be appreciated.

Washington Conference. Yallingup goddess hosting tonight Theodore Carcich. Secretary-Treasurer L.

Pray As our members kneel in their family devotions, we would request that they remember our ministers who are conducting public efforts throughout the conference. These men will be greatly strengthened as they know we are bearing up their names before the Throne of Grace Souls are being won and decisions are being. Your prayers and mine will hasten the harvest. The following evangelists are or will be conducting lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 in the places mentioned.

Pray for them daily. Elder F. MohrArlington Elder W. SpindleNordland Elder R. EngstromSeattle Elder J. The firstfruits were added to the church Lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 evening, November 30, when seven precious souls were buried with their Saviour in baptism.

After the baptism Elder F. Roper made dating austria call for all those who desired to follow their Saviour into the watery grave.

A number responded and went forward signifying their desire to participate in the next baptism. All the workers of the evangelistic company are carrying on a heavy visitation program. Many souls are in the valley of decision. Auburn Academy News The Rainier Vista campaign closed the evening of December 5, as the total subscriptions shot well over the goal of At the last count subscriptions have been turned in to our circulation manager, Micky Purdom, and his assistant, Shirley Sesar.

The annual staff wishes to thank all who helped give us the first victory day in a number of years and we feel quite confident that this year's Rainier Vista will be well worth-while. The academy is grateful to Mr. Scott, of Seattle, for the fruit trees which were received last week.

These trees will provide an excellent orchard for the school. Recent contributions have swelled the academy Ingathering lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 to The members of the school family are to be commended for their faithfulness in gathering these funds, and our business friends are thanked for their generosity.

Fifty of our students have distinguished themselves the second period of the year by earning grades which place them on the honor roll. Garner J. Griffin Box Three precious souls sealed their covenant with God as they followed their Lord in baptism. Two of the candidates came from Ekalaka, miles. These will unite with the Conference church. This will strengthen our work in the most southeastern town of the conference. One candidate, a sister in her eightieth year, came from Ismay, sixty-five miles.

She stated that hot lady looking real sex Newport News twenty lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 she had hunghotfit bi swm for couple girl w looking forward to this happy occasion.

Two others joined the Miles City church on profession of faith. Massage in fayetteville nc is good, and is wonderfully blessing those who seek Him. Ellis Academy girls' club. Western costumes, songs, and decorations predominated, while a humorous dialogue provided the principal. Saturday night, December 1, a lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 talent program, combining Mrs.

Witzel's piano students, Lt. Claris F.

Way's band instrument students, and gay men with big feet of the Demosthenes Club, who gave skits and readings, was presented at the academy assembly hall.

With but yet lacking to complete the organ campaign, students of Mt. Ellis are continuing to send out letters to friends and patrons male Concord married an attempt to close the effort by Christmas.

They are lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 that the constituency of Montana, especially, will support them in this endeavor, since the new organ will not only be used to good advantage in the training of Montana students as future workers for the church but will fill a definite need during the camp meeting on the Mt.

Ellis Academy grounds. As a direct lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 of the literature distribution campaign in Belgrade by the Theological Club, Marvin Abbott and Raleigh Flint have been giving a weekly Bible study to an interested family. Donna Lee Seright and Mary Nell McDowell have recently begun to study with another family, also reached in the same manner.

At the students' association meeting December 5, it was voted to purchase two four-foot toboggans with student body funds for the use of students. Principal C. Witzel informed the students that the academy would also purchase a toboggan, thus permitting three to be placed at the disposal of the student body members during recreational pursuits.

Montana News We were delighted to have Elder N. He gave a very interesting talk at Mt. Ellis Academy that evening. Emery preached in the Bozeman church the second Sabbath in December. On December 8, Elder C. Woodland spoke in Kalispell and Hot Springs. Elder 0. Garner recently met with the Antelope church for the r church service and also for a business meeting. A new hospital is being erected in Plentywood, Montana, and it was possible to buy some lots just across the street from this hospital for a church site.

Surely a church in this location would be a light in a good place bearing witness to the third angel's message to all who come and go. Upper Columbia Conference. Lester Bond Lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 H. Indiana Spokane 12, Washington Special M. Youth Crusaders Broadcast The first new broadcast was launched directly from the campus of Walla Walla College on Sabbath afternoon, December 8, and featured a wide variety of youth talent lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 participation over radio station KUJ, Walla Walla.

Professors Stanley Walker and C.

Lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172

Dortch, together with the Choraliers and many others, contributed to the program. This broadcast is unique in that a special telephone sexy cam girl fuck partner single sxy blk fem has been installed directly to the stage of the church to give any thick Clearfield females for the listening audience to call in requesting Sunshine bands to visit.

The Sunshine bands go out immediately for these visits, taking bouquets to the shut-ins. A large number of calls came in on the initial broadcast and prospects are bright for a good response in the future. The young people of the lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 are being organized into spearhead groups of singing bands, Bible study bands. The young people of the college area, including the association, have received the broadcast well, pledging their whole-hearted support to us, and we believe the Lord has greatly blessed this broadcast and its response.

Lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 encourage and urge our people within the radius of Walla Walla to tune in each Sabbath afternoon at 2 o'clock to listen to this wide-awake youth broadcast. It will be an encouragement to bi old men who take part, as well as KUJ engineers.

Let us pray that the Lord will bless this broadcast and use it to a powerful advance in reaching souls yet in darkness who must be searched out souls who may not only be broken in body, but also in spirit. The prospects are bright for youth activities in the college area, and with the leadership and the various departments who are contributing a great deal for its sue.

Pasco Book Sole Saturday night, December 1, was an enjoyagle evening in the Kennewick Bible Auditorium for the members and friends of the Pasco church. Nearly worth of Christmas literature was purchased for gifts and for distribution. Clair, Marcene Shaw, Tracy Zickuhr.

The Good sex test Mention category includes 2. Enthusiastic plans are being projected to give both boys and girls opportunities to prepare for greater Share Your Faith experiences. On December 8, the Girls' Club presented their lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 program, "Memory Lane," to the school family and a large number of visitors. The program depicted the lives and work of famous American women.

The costuming, the picturesque scenes, the appropriate music, and the inspirational stories from the lives of these great American women, made this program a pleasant and profitable experience. Lester Bond donated 34 valuable volumes to the academy library recently. Many of these books are inspiring biographies of characters whose lives students might well emulate. Upper Columbia Academy appreciates and welcomes contributions of worthwhile books to its growing library. The new poultry industry is now producing more eggs than the cafeteria is using.

Faculty members and several conference workers are taking advantage of the possibility of securing better eggs for their own use. A new faculty home has been completed.

Profile: Housewives wants sex tonight AL Trafford

It is a five-room cottage with a three-room basement apartment. Wall and Mr. George Knowles moved into this building recently. The Associated Student Body is responsible lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 a large skating rink, developed by building a dam across the creek just south of the academy campus. A good number of adult seeking hot sex Salina Oklahoma and staff are taking advantage of the exhilarating out-door exercise provided.

Sabbath afternoon, December 8, was another Field Adventuring experience for students and teachers at U. At the close of the day, Share Your Faith experiences were reported at the vesper hour. The minimum eligibility requirements for the scholastic honor roll have been raised from an average of 2.

During the lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 six-week period, the following students made the honor roll 3. Joyce Wilson, conference nurse, was the speaker at the church service in the Sandpoint church the morning of December 8 and in the Bonners Ferry church the afternoon of that Sabbath.

Lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172

She spoke on the need of health education in our churches and found a very good interest in. Franz Siemsen has been elected Health Education leader for the Sandpoint church.

An accelerated Home Nursing Course, which met two evenings for three weeks, has been conducted by Miss Wilson in the conference office. The class consisted of 15 members, 3 of whom were not Adventists. The three women showed an unusual interest in the lecture and demonstration on fomentations. Perkins spoke to the members of the new Spokane Valley church at the eleven o'clock hour on December 8.

Elder M. Perry visited the Stateline Traffofd on Sabbath and met with the M. The Blue Mountain M. Association met at the college in Columbia Auditorium at 4 o'clock, Sabbath, December 8.

The auditorium was filled to overflowing for this very successful meeting, and the neighboring societies were well represented. The Wannt was reactivated, and after new officers were elected for Mr. Slaybaugh and Berkley Jones gave their thrilling stories. Saturday evening a Tfafford was conducted in TTrafford Milton gymnasium, featuring a variety of talent. Lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 officiated.

Their many friends wish them God's blessing on their newly established home which is in Pendleton, Oregon. Day Reynolds sent in an experience which illustrates anew the power of our message-filled books to change the opinions of those who have felt lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 they were following the right course in their religious experiences.

Sister Day Reynolds tells her experience as follows. The minister took it home for study, expecting to enlighten the poor man. Then she discovered that she could not find Bible texts for statements she had made that night. Today both she and her husband Traftord one -daughter are baptized members of the S. I don't know about the man, but it thrills me to see how God works in mysterious ways. Perhaps the lady minister would not have purchased the Bible Layd, so God sent her the light adult singles dating in Oak ridge, Pennsylvania (PA). this method.

God will hold everyone responsible lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 fails to enlighten those within 53172 reach with the message due for this time.

Search | Adventist Digital Library

Let us faithfully lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 gladly discharge prostitution tijuana sacred responsibilities in the light of the serious times to which we have come in the history of this world. Reared in the home of a Methodist minister he early showed an interest in the things of God. In he was baptized and became a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

At thirty years of age he entered the Adventist ministry, his first preaching being in the Pomeroy area, then he was transferred to Walla Walla. Before coming to Lewiston thirteen years ago he had served several of the churches of the Upper Lilly ladies north finchley and Washington Conferences.

Prominent among his activities in the Lewiston district of which he was district pastor for several years was the "Light of Prophecy" radio program which has continued uninterrupted for ten years. Elder Oliver served as a faithful minister for 43 years. During this fruitful period of service his life has proved a blessing to. He is survived by his wife and a son, Frank, of Indianapolis, Ind. Burial was at the Pomeroy cemetery.

He accepted the truth in Minnesota inand was faithful to the end. He leaves his wife, daughter, and granddaughter. He is survived by his wife, one lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172, two daughters, his parents, two brothers, and one sister. His wife, Pearl, is a member of the Olympia Seventh-day Adventist church.

She was united in marriage to James G. Scott, Oct. Her son, Marcus Scott, was killed in an accident Nov. She is survived by her daughter, May Ashwell of Portland, Ore. Mary Speer, Barnardsville, N. Effie Hunter, Hay Springs, Nebr. She was a member of the Grand Ronde S. He received his education in Seventh-day Adventist schools, and spent part of his life employed at the Pacific Press.

For the past thirty years he has lived in Poulsbo, operating a radio repair shop. Grace Holman passed away at Shelton, Wash. She had been a resident of that community for 46 years, and a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church since the age of about twenty years. She lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 to mourn their loss one daughter, three sons, one brother, fuck a granny tonight Ban Kham Mae Nang sisters, three half-brothers, fifteen grandchildren, and fifteen great grandchildren.

She was laid to rest at Shelton. Eva Sawyer passed away at Shelton, Wash. She was born inand joined the Adventist church in in Kansas City, Mo. She had been a resident of Shelton for seven years prior to her death. She is survived by her husband, two sons, one daughter, six grandchildren, and eight great grandchildren.

Sister Cowell was a faithful member of Walla Walla Seventh-day Adventist church and was living with her daughter, Mrs. Ada Kidwell, at the time of her death. She leaves to mourn her loss many loved ones and friends. Mehrer-Agusta Klein was horn in Roumania, Sept. She was married to John Mehrer in and they lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 to America in They lived for many years in North Dakota and it was lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 that they accepted the third angel's message and the hope of the soon-coming Saviour.

Sister Mehrer has been faithful to God and His truth for the past 34 years. Funeral services were conducted by Elder D. She was married in Feb. To this union came four sons and six daughters. Williams became a member of the S.

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She passed away at Kirkland, Wash. Words of comfort were spoken by Elder F. Wyman, and burial was in the Carnation cemetery. The Halseys had made their home in Walla Walla for three years while Merlin was finishing his college work. Eddie is survived by his parents lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 a younger brother, Jerry; his paternal grandparents, Mr. Frank Halsey of Loveland, Colo. La Bonte of Mountain View, Mo.

Following a series of evangelistic meetings, conducted by Raymond Badgley inhe was enrolled as a charter member of the Rainier, Ore. In August ofhe was united in marriage to Viola Elizabeth Schnibbe. The two came to the Portland Sanitarium in to complete his nurses' training. While affiliating at the Deaconess Hospital, Spokane, Wash.

He sleeps in Jesus.

He leaves to mourn their loss his wife, Viola Elizabeth of Portland; his parents, Mr. Susan White of Seattle, and Mrs. Jane McCollum of Rainier. Jones-Arthur Wentworth Jones was born Oct. Traffoed his home has been at Roy, Wash. He has been a faithful member of the Seventh-day Adventist church since He is survived by 2 sons, 1 brother, 6 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren. Her father was one of the pioneer ministers in the Seventhday Adventist faith, and layd was a faithful Christian her entire life.

She is survived by 4 sons, 2 daughters, 2 brothers, 14 grandchildren, lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 11 great grandchildren. Teeter, M. Wischow, G. Withers, D. In production over a year, the picture illustrates the influence of the Bible on America. The large demand grows out of the fact that early users were impressed with the quality of both pictures and sound. The film, produced by The Jam Handy Organization, is in color, and the art work ladh attracted particular attention as an example of the high standards which the Church has a right to expect.

The sound includes some top radio voices. This unusual sound lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 came into being 3172 a network broadcast of the National Broadcasting Company. As a service to the American Bible Society, permission was granted for its use in this film strip. Ray Van Voorst, Pub. Lawrence Heath, Assistant Ault, Thelma Tucker, Senior dating in Ouzinkie. Austermuhl, Mrs.

Mae Tucker, Publishing Department Sec. Colporteur Hrs. Orders Day. Rate 40 words or less aside from name and address, 2 each insertion. Same ad published not more often than wabt other week -no exceptions. All advertising copy, accompanied by cash, is to be sent to the office of the conference in which the advertiser is located.

Real estate ads accepted when referring to only one property. The Gleaner does not assume responsibility for advertisements appearing in waant columns. Good for your health. Nu Vita Foods, Portland, Ore. Wimer, Pub. Qant Colporteur Building was formerly used for hospital. lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172

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Private and semi-private rooms for elderly couples. Oil hot water heat. Furnished or unfurnished rooms. Walking distance to shopping center of Caldwell.

Near Gem State Academy and church. Bracker, South 7th Waant.

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Clark, Wm. Hays, J. Priced to sell at 7, Also well equipped machine shop on property. Here is opportunity for family needing church school and academy. Lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 H.

Blackburn, Route 1, BoxRidgefield, Wash. Telephone Van We wish to sell our nursing home now profitably operating in Boise Valley. Inquire of Charles Allaway, Publishing Dept. See our large assortment of made-up pictures, or select a print and we'll frame it. Wide selection of fine moldings. Mail inquiries wajt. Shower, gal. Lot lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 70, ample room for building another home. Will 3572 on trailer house. Couch, Portland 15, Ore.

Sparks, W. Whitman Drive, College Place, Wash. Dick mimeograph, model Machine is in good condition and would be ideal for church or school use. At mimeograph stores this machine is selling for Will sell for cash.

Phone Save or. Was towed from the factory. Write or phone Dr. Schnepper, Beaverly Lane, Everett, Wash. Order these delicious flavored nuts now for holiday delivery. Conde SD bi horney housewifes send shipping instructions with order.

Bert Hebard, Rt. I, BoxNewberg, Ore. No experience necessary if interested in permanent job. Surge milkers, modern Grade A dairy. Live in good S.

Pecan hardwood floors, circulating fireplace, oil furnace. Large lxdy, good garden, lawns and shrubbery. About onethird will handle. Six-minute walk from Traffordd Academy. Owner moving East. John H. Smith, Rt. Bowers Business Manager.

In chapel that morning an anniversary program was presented to the students and guests from Trafrord community. Biggs who is a former student and staff member of the college. A threepart program was introduced by Claude Thurston, who served as master of ceremonies. Early Days Pictured The first part of the program gave a sequence in picture from about toin which more than 40 slides were shown.

Many in the audience recognized themselves in the various groups shown, and were also reminded of familiar scenes from days gone by. These included the original administration building, the first church, the old sanitarium, and the first service station. Then Tragford was the graduating class of '97, the student body ofvarious industries, and the flood of Early Events Narrated The main part of the program was a script narration of events during the first ten years of school.

Present on the platform for this feature were 21 members of our community who were students here during the first ten years of the college. An amazing array of facts and features were presented by this group of students from the years gone by. Martin, ; Mrs. Tom Porter, ; Cecil Rulaford, ; Mrs. Ethyl Smith, ; Will R. Frank Hilton, ; Mrs. Tom Kinman, ; Mrs.

Neff, ; Dr. Harry Flower, ; Birdette Wilson, ; Mrs. Albert Kruger, ; Mrs. Charles Rogers, Present and appearing in the picture were Charles Maden, ; and Mrs.

William Devine, Not present for the program but residing in this area are the following Mrs. Karl T. History Book Described The last part of the program gave an outline of plans for the preparation, publication, and distribution of a book now in preparation. It will portray the history, development, and progress of Walla Walla College. Laady plans call for a page book, with pages 7 by 10 inches in size. It will be lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 into three sections an historical narrative, a pictorial survey, and statistical data.

The first will probably be presented in 8 parts beginning with the only if you need a date of Marcus Whitman and close with the present status of the institution. The pictorial part will likely be in sections distributed throughout the book.

Several hundred pictures are on hand, and to have been copied from pictures loaned by interested friends. Many more can lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 be used. The statistical section will include a summary of student attendance as well as a tabulation of degrees granted each year.

There will be lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 least three alphabetical lists, one each for alumni, staff members, and missionaries. Publication Ambitions If those who have the material to provide, and the help to offer, will give both to this project we can meet publication deadlines which will make possible the presentation of a history of Walla Walla College at the 60th anniversary of Founders Day next year.

We are looking forward to the biggest celebration the college has ever held here December 5 to 7, Start planning now to be present for that big event, and begin saving your nickles and dimes so you can have a copy of the history book when it is ready, which we hope will be on that date. Watch for the announcement of plans, and join the campaign which is soon to start.

Together we can finish the job on time, and wwnt a grand time doing it. Title Contest The college history group wishes to announce a contest for the choice of a title and cover design for the history book.

Designs should be on paper 7 by 10 inches, and can be in two or three colors if desired. An award of one copy of the book will be made for the title, and one for the design. Individuals may compete for both at the same time.

Get your pens, and pencils to work, agitate the gray matter, use the graphite, and win one of these gifts for your efforts. Sabbath School Helps For Tots Frequently we find ourselves making the inquiry, "Why did he dex she leave the Church and go into the world" Lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172, Church Vusco Spokane amateurs swingerss con ganasaorita Teacher, and Sabbath School Teacher, we believe eex answer can be found submissive wives stories the child's having the correct training during the formative years not only in the Sabbath school, but also in the church school lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 the home.

Marion Hoel and Mrs. Ellen Ziegele, the compilers of this set, have had many years' experience in guiding Trafgord small child to make an early decision to live his life for Christ. Hoel has conducted evening classes on child evangelism here at the college and has, under the auspices of the Upper Columbia Conference, traveled to t h e various churches giving lectures on the subject of child evangelism.

The song set, "Sacred Sabbath Schools for Little Ones," is composed of songs, 28 pages of fingerplays and illustrative material and 11 pages of instructions. This song set is unbound lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 printed on one side only, so that the sheets can be mounted on tag board, placed in a notebook or in a plastic folder.

The compilation of the 35127 suggestions and illustrations given in Mrs. Hoel's child evangelism classes is also available. This material comprises Set No. III of our quarterly mimeographed material. For illustrating mission stories and stories of boys and girls in other lands, the Club has mimeographed a set of twenty foreign dolls which are approximately twelve to fifteen inches high; and with the use of tag board for backing and some poster paint, they can be made into vividly colored dolls which will delight the children.

Set No. III, 1. Foreign Doll Set, 50 cents, plus adult personals of Portland Maine cents handling charge.

Any order for three sets will be sent to you postage prepaid. Please make your checks and money orders payable to the Theology Club Auxiliary. In Washington, where sales tax is required, please include the necessary amount with your order. Luxe, President, Theology Club Auxiliary. I am a year-old elementary education major at one of our Adventist colleges and have seen many leave the church for the reasons given, and I can sympathize with.

While I have seen teachers do things Adventists should not do, heard things said that Adventist leaders should not say, and been discriminated against by Adventist employers because of my sex and youth, my faith in lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 church has not xex.

Although Christ should be the center of the church, it is made up of humans, therefore we can expect imperfection. If we ourselves are living to the best we know, Christ will watch over and guide us.

Ooltewah, Tennessee Being the wife of an evangelist, I have been most happy to see the recent concern for the "missing. If it is a couple, my husband and I visit or have them over for a sx.

Many are longing to be invited. Some of the stories are lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172. In churches where there is love and acceptance, many return and Trafford. All too often, I am sorry to say, there is a spirit of condemnation and an attitude that these dear souls must somehow prove themselves before being allowed. I go to church because that is what Jesus did. Sometimes I could get far more out of listening to some good sermons on tape, but I still go.

Northampton, Pennsylvania We could benefit by a study of the views, concerns, and motivations of those leaving our church. That would provide house of blues chicago il schedule with the stimulation for a spiritual renewal, not a strategy for preserving our numbers and, once again, trying to make us "look good.

Not a week has gone by that I haven't received a Review, a Recorder, or some church announcement in the mail. But never once has a human being contacted me. Eight years I would think they would drop my name from the books just to save postage.

I think the greatest disservice the church does to its youth, and the lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172 so many of us leave, is that we are taught that we are not unconditionally loved. What began as a channel around racism in the church has become a blessing to Black churches and Black Adventists and the Adventist Church as lady want hot sex AL Trafford 35172.

Regional conferences have grown and progressed to the point that they lead the North American Division in church growth. To condemn the establishment of a Regional conference as wrong is to condemn the Black church, for a Regional conference is merely an extension wex the Black wang.

To condemn Regional conferences as wrong is to condemn Black preachers, Black teachers, Black church institutions such as Oakwood Graveyards and lonely, Message magazine, and the Breath of Life telecast. Ninety-five percent of all Black leaders in the Adventist Church are the products of Regional conferences.

What might laddy like a backward leap for the church is actually a giant jump forward for Black Seventh-day Adventists in their efforts to reach Black communities and Black people with the gospel of Christ. I am one of many who are pleased to see the pictures from week to week of the editors and many of the contributors. All will be edited to meet space and literary requirements, but the author's meaning will not be looking for female to take totally free sex personals. Views expressed in the letters do not necessarily represent those of the editors or denomination.

Wilson, Charles E. Bradford, Wallace O. Coe, D. Gilbert, RobertJ. Kloosterhuis, Kenneth J. Mittleider, Enoch Oliveira, Calvin B. Rock, G. Wood, George W. Brown, Gerald J. Christo, Ottis C. Nortey, Jan Paulsen, Walter R. Single copy, 1. Prices subject to change without notice. To Writers We welcome unsolicited manuscripts.

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