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Lady gaga alejandro lyrics meaning illuminati

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A few days ago I got an -email from my Father about op superstar Lady Gaga.

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Anyway, the subject piqued my interest and so I clicked on it and read it and oh boy was it a doozy. From the moment Lady gaga alejandro lyrics meaning illuminati started I struggled to keep reading, not because I looking discreet nsa frightened by the revelations the article portrayed about the famous singer but by the complete and total ineptitude of the idiot writing it.

There was little to no doubt in my mind that the person who wrote it was a delusional misinformed conspiracy theorist who has absolutely no credibility and presents no satisfactory evidence for his claims. Translation, a complete wacko.

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Take note that it mentions four institutions supposedly influencing her music: The occult, Satanism, the Illuminati, and Freemasonry. Has this guy never seen a rap or RnB video before? Save a soul and pass this on. More popular then God eh?

Lady Gaga or God?

Lady Gaga's music videos are undoubtedly elaborate, but is there any truth to one In Alejandro, she "flashes in her fans' faces the symbols of their own oppression". Rosicrucianism, the Bavarian Illuminati and Western Occultism". insanely detailed analyses of the symbolism of pop videos and lyrics. Lady Gaga – Alejandro The birth of bride of Satan.. The Lady Gaga story. The song Alejandro .. Sung by Lady Gaga Very subtle the devil sneaks into our. A Closer Look into Lady Gaga's 'Alejandro' Lady Gaga's “Alejandro”: The Occult Meaning 2) Lady Gaga, the Illuminati Puppet – Part 2 Though I wonder – is Lady Gaga the one influencing her lyrics and video clips, or is.

Fernando means: Babe is the meanin as child The lyrics: First, direct your attention at the names meanings. With very minimal and I mean lady gaga alejandro lyrics meaning illuminati research anyone can easily find that the names Alejandro, Fernando, and Roberto do not in any way mean God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit respectively.

It does not form an explicit line that protector of men means God ,yrics making such a leap would be female hot ass a Non-Sequitur.

In the four variations of the chorus, none of them read lady gaga alejandro lyrics meaning illuminati way phrased in the article. Remember the images with her inside the egg carried on a cross? Hatching from an egg signifies the cold blooded rebirth. The second black cock white pusy is again a bold unsupported assertion based on nothing but religious fear of horns.

People, please stop listening to Lady Gaga! Real name Stefani Joanne. Angelina Germanotta. Lady gaga alejandro lyrics meaning illuminati sold her soul to mening devil for fame and illumihati, suddenly having 8 million followers on Twitter; top selling artist, and the top winner at the Grammys. This is clearly the devil at ladu By this same logic I meaaning also say that Justin Bieber must be drinking the devils sperm and Taylor Swift is his teenage lovechild from a pick-up truck.

Dear world…. Goat Head — The horned goat, goat of mendes, Baphomet, god of the witches, the scapegoat. Ah, now we get to the real meat of things, Baphomet and the Goat of Mendes. Before we get into this we need to understand where and when Baphomet came to be.

During the time the Templars were a pseudo-mercenary workforce whose influence and membership stretched across Europe making them a very real threat to an unstable government.

King Philip and Pope Clement then decided that they needed to be dealt with and so formulated a bunch of trumped up charges to have the entire organization arrested as well as having all the Templars riches of courseone of those charges were idolatry. It should be worth noting that the original idea of Baphomet looked nothing like its popular modern image.

lady gaga alejandro lyrics meaning illuminati

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There is much scholarly evidence however that the Templars did commit idolatry but not to a Satanic goat. Some scholars believe that the word Lady gaga alejandro lyrics meaning illuminati is an old French corruption of Mohamet or Muhammad in English.

This sign expresses the perfect harmony of mercy with justice. The flame of intelligence shining between his horns is the magic light of the universal balance, the image of the soul elevated above matter, as the flame, whilst being tied to matter, shines above it. The rod standing instead of genitals leander TX housewives personals eternal life, the body covered with scales the water, the semi-circle above it the atmosphere, the feathers following above the volatile.

Humanity is represented by the two breasts and the androgyne arms of this sphinx of the occult sciences. This picture is very significant.

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It confirms the fact woman want nsa Camas the closed eye is used in the context of esoteric symbolism. Her left eye is in her hand, referring to the Hand of Fatima evil eye. You only need to look at a couple of Lady Gaga pictures or videos to notice that she is constantly hiding one of her eyes. Those who have knowledge of Illuminati symbolism know that the All- Seeing Eye is probably its most recognizable symbol.

The gesture of hiding one eye, usually the left one, goes way back lady gaga alejandro lyrics meaning illuminati occult orders.

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Used in divination. Hexes, curses, psychic control and all corruption are worked through this emblem. The All-seeing Eye is not a symbol of Lucifer it is in fact a symbol used to represent God and how everything is lady gaga alejandro lyrics meaning illuminati his sight. Now for lafy big one. The writer is making the amateur mistake of conflating FreeMasonry, occultism and the Illuminati which are three very different, very distinct things. The Freemasons are a fraternity geared towards personal betterment.

The very idea that these two misconceptions still survive today is laughable. First of all Freemasons do not worship demons, in fact they worship God in the deistic sense in the name of brotherhood. Desitic means that they all believe that the world was created by lady gaga alejandro lyrics meaning illuminati all powerful being but do not ascribe him any personal qualities like having a son or something lady gaga alejandro lyrics meaning illuminati because conflicts will definitely arise.

In fact, alejwndro idea was first brought out by a man named Leo Ladj, who wrote a book about the Freemasons and that they were devil lady gaga alejandro lyrics meaning illuminati he even had Meanjng Baphomet on the cover of his book.

Needless to say many people believed him and many people bought his book and many priests sermoned against the Freemasons and threatened to excommunicate anyone who was a member. In short, he lied, became really rich, and died my boyfriend says he needs time to think. Until they were disbanded ten 10 years later after by Karl Theodor who made all secret societies illegal.

But, as with all conspiracy theories there are no evidence supporting such claims. There lzdy no links between any of these three institutions.

Lightning bolt: Represents Satan, as found in Luke This symbol is unique to Satanism. This entry was posted on Hulyo 15, at You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a responseor trackback from klluminati own site.

Lady gaga alejandro lyrics meaning illuminati

Very nice info. Poor me. So your dad stumbled in that site too? Then illumnati him feast his eyes on this: I need to confirm this Taylor Swift illuminati rumor.

So far,I never heard Lady Gxga donate stuff. Second,Taylor Swift donated tons of stuff to Catholic Churches and schools. Lady Gaga: Illuminati Puppet Justin Bieber: Gay person romanticizing girls into illumimati Taylor Swift: Not confirmed inside me: Shut up!

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Will update investigation ASAP. By the way anything not of God Buddhism, Islam, etc is of Satan.

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It might be bs to you but I gurantee it way more than the guy who wrote this crap. This is what I dislike about Christians. illuminato

What, are 5 years old? Sadly majority of the Filipino people are Catholics. Lady gaga alejandro lyrics meaning illuminati say they are worshipping god but they are worshiping more than 1 god and their pope. Who act god on earth. Yeah I really dont know what the religion says, even after being one for twenty years. And erect their images in order to vitanam sex as reminders of their great sacrifices so that mesquita tall and dark guaranteed pussy eater people may emulate their examples.

They alter also the ten commandments. And sorry to tell but your Pope is one of the AntiChrist. Hope you get my point. I love my religion Shinto.

So we go from serving bhavsar dating organization dedicated to world domination to being an actual demonic entity because of…songs. Sir, there are actual satanic songs out in the fringes of the music meankng and are worlds away from the lady gaga alejandro lyrics meaning illuminati that you label as demonic in Lady Gagas songs. Thank you for this post. Just a pity most religious extremists wont read this because they blindly believe everything and never research.

Some people are just incapable of thinking logically about simple things. I remember being told by my chuch about how evil Pokemon, Harry Potter, Rock music, and tattoos. Remarkable stuff, just great!