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Its ok to be single

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Cuddle buddy just waiting for a friend to watch with and cuddle, nothing more than a friendship.

Age: 41
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City: Lincoln, NE
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Offering unsolicited advice or otherwise feeling free to comment on your singleton status is the extra lemon juice on the open gash that is your lack of a relationship.

What, exactly, does being or not being single mean for your value as a person? It means someone wants to date you.

Believe me: A bad relationship leaves scars, ones eygpt girls can its ok to be single you up for years at a time before they heal fully.

I thought it was better to be in a shitty relationship than it was to be single. It took me years to get out and even longer to undo the damage.

Loneliness sucks. I totally get.

I grew up with a twin brother 1so even when I was in my room reading or farting around on the primitive tto we had for computer networks 2 there were other people.

My few abortive attempts its ok to be single dating were beyond comedically laughable.

Little Horny Slut

College was in some ways worse. I had a book.

One thing I see a lot in people who are miserable being single is the idea that a bs is going to somehow make everything better. Except that never happens.

Having a girlfriend may make you feel more confident… for a moment. As I said earlier: Being single and happy is perfectly valid. God knows I know how frustrating it can be, and how unfair it all can.

Your life is precisely as miserable or as wonderful as you choose to make it.