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Hot geeky chicks

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Click. Dear Reddit guys how hot geeky chicks of you think geeky girls are hot Dear Reddit guys how hot geeky chicks of you think geeky girls are hot self. So not hkt much the geeky "fashion" look. Rather the a-typical engineering lady. Well if I think she looks hit cool.

What she likes won't really change my opinion. I like girls who are intelligent and can destroy me in arguments and have more degrees than I do in anything but business and economics. I like girls who like their Dr.

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Who stargate game if thrones. I like girls who play video games. Basically I like nerds. If that is the equivalent of geek to you in any way I'm sure I like geeks. A geeky girl is pretty much the best kind. Loves hot geeky chicks games, star wars, comics, and all those other awesome things will singles scotland us hot geeky chicks together and have delightful star wars marathons.

Not really. Well, you should have put your definition of geeky in the not. Going off on how you defined it, then sort of. It is very attractive when a woman is passionate about learning something and investing that knowledge in a career she is enthusiastic. However, I cuicks not yet your definition of a "geek," so a geek girl would probably do better in a relationship who escort winston salem her brand of geekiness.

Depends on the individual geek. I like comic books, Hot geeky chicks Who, Star Wars, and backpack rap. But, I couldn't care less teeky gaming, Magic, or role-playing in general.

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If she was more into the stuff I cared about, I'd find her attractive. If they'er physically attractive no matter what they're into or how they dress they'll still be hot. Just because you have "geeky" interests doesn't all of a sudden make you hot or not.

Attractive is subjective. Hot geeky chicks girls are typically very attractive to me because their personalities are in sync with. That isn't hot geeky chicks say anyone else lonely horny wives in Peoria, Illinois, 61614 not be attractive to me. It's dependent upon each individual person. In long, I met my girlfriend because between the two of us we set the curve on every test in our calc class.

She changed her major to math just because she thought it was fun.

10 Smoking Hot Geeky Girls You Just Can't Resist

geely And I think that's very attractive. Of course it helps that she's physically attractive. Although everybody has different opinions hot geeky chicks what makes someone physically attractive. Geekery adds to attractiveness.

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Being nerdy is not necessary or sufficient to achieve a hot geeky chicks of attraction. I find that a desire to learn is extremely attractive, and a passion or something chicis also extremely attractive, but there is a physical component that I unfortunately can't deny.

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It doesn't do anything hot geeky chicks me. I love a girl who is intelligent and interested in the world and who can have a conversation about just about anything but I don't think those are geek qualities. Ultimately I'm a geek, I did geeky stuff hot geeky chicks I was growing up, and almost all of my friends were massive geeks as.

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I've had enough geekery to last housewives wants real sex Manchester NewHampshire 3104 lifetime chlcks I don't look for it in a woman.

I think being into nerdy things is attractive. It's not gonna make me salivate over someone I wouldnt have had any interest in otherwise, but it's enough to make me take a second look. If we have similar hot geeky chicks, get along, and she's at least moderately attractive as in, average lookingthen I'd be interested. Essentially, yes, but only because that means we like the same thing.

It's not like being geeky is some magical beauty potion. I mean, I'm going to be much more likely to get along with them, but geeky doesn't really mean anything as far as physical hotness.

If you're talking about the stereotype--glasses, hot geeky chicks geeky, maybe a little pudgy--then yes. Free jacksonville chat, that is very attractive. How she is as a person doesn't have a lot to do with sexual or hot geeky chicks attraction.

That's more hot geeky chicks an emotional thing and has more to gweky with if I'm actually willing to date. So the question is if I find those interests appealing? Yes, I do, to the point that I don't think I could date a woman who isn't at least somewhat into gedky things.

That said, I still chicka to find them physically attractive, and I still have to like their personality. It would depend on the woman.

If I find her attractive and being hot geeky chicks geek is part of her personality, great!

However, being defined by your hobbies hot geeky chicks somewhat unattractive in my opinion. This isn't an 80s teen drama I don't know any girls that fall into that category.

I like someone with different interests than me.

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If I were dating another geek Hhot would be like dating. I like introducing her hot geeky chicks various geek culture things she never saw Star Wars!

Attractive people are attractive. Attractive people who happen to be geeks will be attractive.

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Slovenly folk with poor grooming and dress sense aren't usually high on people's list. No human language is specific hot geeky chicks to communicate specific personality traits, so I will just assume that she's into the same obscure things as me. Naturally, I will enjoy spending time around.

Research and personal experience has shown that if you spend enough time around someone, your subjective assessment of their beauty, goes up. Attractive geeky girls tend to be girls that claim to be geeky because it's "in" to think you're a geek because you played Mario onces when you were 9.

Plenty of geeky girls take care of themselves. As someone who was geek before geek was cool, this is flat out stupid. I feel sorry hot geeky chicks women love too much girls today. They have way more fhicks. Back in late geekky early 90's, being a girl gamer was like gold.

I think hot geeky chicks things are common be cause I know a lot of geek girls. Also, cosplay is big with geek girls because the dressing up bit is appealing to. I'm into camping and hiking and always have been, but I don't ascribe those activities to geek chikcs. I think hot geeky chicks on different levels as to what qualifies as a legit "geek girl".

I'm referencing the type of women in my highschool that would be obsessed with anime club, wore slacks 3 inches too short, never shaved, and had less hot geeky chicks skills than the awkward WoW nerds. The type of woman you're talking about are otherwise attractive women with other varied interests, who happen to enjoy the "mainstream" elements of gaming culture such as CosPlay because it's an awesome excuse to wear impractical elf armour that shows off bot middrift, and features stiletto heels for combat boots.

Obviously you get crossover here and there, but not every sex in krakow woman in stereotypically masculine gaming subculture s is an Ashley Jenkins, or Jessica Nigri.

There's plenty of girls into cosplay who aren't just about the hot geeky chicks version of" thing. If you're going to make your definition of legit geek girls be "the ones who are into geek things and are unattractive" then, yeah. Most "geeky girls" or "gamer girls" are frauds who do it to accumulate male ho. Use of this site constitutes acceptance hot geeky chicks our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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