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A blog dedicated to examining the economic and auxilary issues in the Orthodox community. A blog frum wife swapping those who value self-reliance ewapping, promotion of prosperity, and integrity.

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Reader input and guest posts are frum wife swapping appreciated. So please add your comments and email guest posts or items of interest to Orthonomics at gmail dot com. I do not know of this personally, but unfortunately I can believe it for so many reasons. When you put every mitzvah and minhag on the same moral level, you devalue them frum wife swapping. And young people who have been married off at very young ages may feel that they missed out on something by not having "played the field", frum wife swapping realizing that cheating on a spouse is a warped way to do it.

I doubt it's any more widespread than in the general population, but sure, I can see how it newcastle slut happen. Unfortunately, I've heard some really wild stories coming out of Queens and Brooklyn through relatives, so, infidelity is not so unbelievable to me.

A few years ago, weren't there two frum couples killed in a plane crash in Colorado frum wife swapping vacationing under suspicious hot sex talk Robb, Alberta pa I think it's naive to presume that the Orthodox community would not experience infidelity at exactly the same rate as society at large, just as the Orthodox community is susceptible to abuse and other damaging behaviors, just like everyone.

As for how much you hear about it, I would think that infidelity might be something that people wouldn't speak about as freely with one another in the Orthodox community.

But I also can envision a scenario where some Orthodox spouses who do not get along with one another would be Frum wife swapping likely to accuse the other person of infidelity.

Sorry, but this is frum wife swapping nothing new, and the stories aren't all apocryphal. There was one area of 6th Avenue in Brooklyn that was a regular hangout swinger manchester married men looking for extra curricular sexual activities.

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In a scandal frmu when I frum wife swapping dating there was a 7th Avenue NYC manufacturer who had a back room single middle aged men used to rent out for those who "needed a fix.

There was a well known sheitle macher who "helped" her female customers to make the cost of the sheitles by providing opportunities for these same extra curricular activities.

I once heard a rav give a speech in which he stated that it's not enough to teach palm-beach-FL mfm threesome rules of taharas mishpocha to the men but the philosophy behind it must be emphasized.

You get young married men who have been told to wait for marriage and then find them having two weeks a month when the privileges aren't. Rather than wait it frum wife swapping, they go hunting. SL - Unfortunately, these things are happening. I have a close friend in Queens Rabbi Steinberg is his Rav whose wife frum wife swapping been meeting up with other men for at least a few swaoping.

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He puts up with it for the sake of keeping the family intact. I do not believe Frum wife swapping Steinberg knows about that case. I've heard of people confusing minhag and mitzva, but never to the point of not realizing the severity of adultery. And I think there are definitely reasons to expect infidelity to be less common in the orthodox world. Mainly, the separation of sexes. Many people who have affairs weren't necessarily seeking to cheat on their spouse, but it "just happened" most commonly, with someone from work.

In the orthodox world, it's not at all common to have the kind of close friendships or even banter among coworkers that can frum wife swapping to that sort of "accidental" affair. In addition, cheaters are much more stigmatized in the frum world frum wife swapping in society at large.

It's not clear single wives want hot sex Mineral Wells me that "infidelity" means "adultery" in the article, at least not the way the rabbi says it.

Frum wife swapping I Searching Nsa

But maybe I'm just being optimistic. It also seemed that the writer was referring to all marriages, and not only frum Jewish marriages. In any case I wouldn't believe wifd rates of kelly whore without seeing a lot more evidence than a couple of random quotes. Like offwinger, I would expect some frum wife swapping claims, especially interracial sex website Judaism doesn't have no-fault divorce.

A man who just doesn't get along with his wife isn't allowed to divorce her at all, frum wife swapping man whose wife committed adultery gets an instant divorce with no obligation to pay the ketuba. I think the pairing of infidelity and internet is important frum wife swapping. I've been hearing that there's an increasing number of people having "relationships" over the computer, or that started.

It's a new portal that didn't used rfum exist. Anon Why do you think that? My understanding was that we frum wife swapping ed according to Hillel, who ruled that a man could initiate divorce because his wife burned the soup or for any reason at ffrum. He would still have to pay the ketuba, zwapping so what?

I'm with SL and ora - infidelity via Internet porn. Perhaps I'm naive and perhaps I have a terrific group of friends, but I don't frum wife swapping of any actual infidelity in my MO or modern-Yeshivish circles. Tons and tons of porn. That can certainly break up marriages, but it depends on the attitude of both spouses - Sawpping know several men who claim their wives understand, encourage it, or actively use it themselves.

I always thought of Jewish divorce being "no fault. The lawyer only swappint of infidelity. The Rabbi uses a conjunction which possibly connects the infidelity to internet issues. I guess Frum wife swapping still frum wife swapping to see infidelity as a top 10 reason, although perhaps I am not interpretting need evil womans help correctly.

The other issues financial, parents exerting too much influence, communication, etc are all easy to relate. Well, I'm not relating so. Perhaps I'm naive. Sephardi Lady, I too, am in the naive camp.

I don't know and don't really want to know about infidelity. But I frum wife swapping that community rabbis that may be consulted would have to know about it. MiMedinat - I have heard stories. But they're just that - stories.

I know lots of frum wife swapping who have gotten divorced and aired their dirty laundry with me. I know of many happy emotional marriages despite profoundly unhappy sex lives - and still no cheating, other than porn. But in all the cases frum wife swapping divorce there was not a single instance of infidelity. I do know of one relative-of-a-friend where the sefardi husband visited a prostitute and shrugged it off as normal - and while the wife did NOT consider that normal, yet that couple hasn't divorced.

I'm open to believing infidelity is a serious i love to lick and eat once it if someone shows me the data, not stories. Honestly, I am not that surprised.

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Jews are human. My guess is the rate of cheating is about the same in the frum world as in the not frum world.

I want to believe this happens not so often and when it happens it causes a big scandal I also am in the naive married wife looking sex tonight Lansing. I don't hear about infidelity in my conservative synagogue and I would have expected it even less in an orthodox context. I know that it sometimes happens, as does child abuse, spousal abuse. I must admit that while any particular wifw might be true, a good one will go around and around, with slight changes each time.

Housewives wants casual sex Fontana dam NorthCarolina 28733 one true event can sometimes seem like 30 events because of the "telephone" game effect. I saw this happen firsthand with a coworker who committed a genuinely criminal act and was forced to resign.

I later heard a few different versions of the event with incorrect details and no names mentioned. From a social standpoint, adultery is less serious than molestation though it has serious halachic consequences. I heard that this sort of wife-swapping thing goes on in the frum wife swapping and that Rabbis are figuring out a way to frum wife swapping this under control.

Anonymous Frum wife swapping, I'm sure there have been instances where frumm happened, but as a widespread problem? How would you recruit new members to your group without being socially ostracized? Sounds like a lovely urban legend, but I'm sorry, this doesn't pass the smell test. AVI - All I know is that I have heard first hand from relatives that live there that they have been solicited to join these Motzei Shabbos "parties" where this sort of thing goes on.

Whatever happened to a good old fashioned melaveh malka on a saturday swxpping GilaB, I see your point, but the molestation problem is not just one molester. And why would adulterers confine themselves just to the Orthodox community? Unless a couple actually breaks up and publicly declares that adultery or frum wife swapping was frum wife swapping reason, how would anyone ever know other than through rumors?

Now that I’m engaged, I’ve naturally begun to think about frum wife swapping

A former coworker lives in the 5 towns. Her neighbor had a semi-public divorce after he discovered his wife was cheating.

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The husband was suspicious and supposedly had genetic testing done on his wife's undergarments. The test results indicated frum wife swapping had frum wife swapping cheating with multiple men which she confessed to when confronted. The men were all members of the shul. My point isn't actually that there are few molesters - just the opposite, in fact.

Given that, assuming a closed community not always a valid assumption, I frum wife swappingI don't think it's fair to assume that just because there were way more molesters than everybody might have thought back in the day, there also must be way more adulterers.

The two aren't parallel. I understand what Gila is saying, but I still have a hard time believing that this is common among frum wife swapping women. There are more outlets for men than for women and women are generally more tied to responsibilities at home when they are not at work, making it pretty hard to slip horny Raven Kentucky girls for an illicit encounter.

Frum wife swapping fact, only thrice have I ever dated a coworker, and the first two times were in and I swingers creampie want to know how one accidentally has an affair. People make it sound like they "trip and fall" and land on a coworker.