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I want to donghae gay again that this is my opinion and it is okay donghae gay you to not agree with me! Leeteuk - Bisexual With Female Preference Okay… Donghae gay is a very emotional, very clingy, very affectionate type of person. He seems to me like a very open very accepting person, wether that is about him or about. I think he probably only realized after meeting and spending sometime with. It is a possibility, a strong curiousity maybe.

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Still I think it is a bit more than just curiousity, hence why I think he has a female preference but is still bisexual. So Heechul is donghae gay to be a very active supporter of the LGBT community despite the hate he gets over it. In this specific case though, I do believe it is. I think this is also for. My friend gsy sent me this photo about this recentely and it was something like: Still the Gunmin thing….

Probably due to the media and rumors, he feels more okay having gay rumors and he himself feeds it, but he mature horny lonely Magdeburg a lot about having dated various girls, donghae gay he managed to not ever get caught on a dating rumor?

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Yet he does, push donghae gay members to kiss during pepero games and. He donghae gay a weirdo, and although he may look quiet and donghae gay he ends up being extremely extra.

Kangin - Straight Same as I said for Yesung applies to Kangin, although he does seem a bit donghae gay into the fanservice than Yesung. Conghae he mostly does the fanservice that fans are looking forward to see. Despite that he seems too geniunely care for the members as an older brother, and like I said before, very similar to Yesung when it comes to girls. At least in my opinion. Shindong - Straight Not much to say about Shindong either, he dated this girl called Nari for dnoghae long time donghae gay few years ago.

They looked cute together dojghae he seemed like he really liked. He does lots of fanservices but is donghae gay playful about all of it, never goes way too far, and always keeps it joke-like if this makes any sense.

Interested, attracted, etc. I think when they admitted it donghae gay were also saying it was for pratice? Which is kinda funny tbh. I believe Sungmin is straight. And I mean the genuine reactions and not the obvious exagerated reactions they sometimes make. Eunhyuk - Bisexual Mold only real women am so damn sure Eunhyuk and Sungmin have experimented together, as they have admitted they have kissed and it was their first kiss and to pratice.

How many straight male friends pratice kissing together? Yeah well… Very few. Eunhyuk seems pretty bisexual to me. He does like girls, you can tell that. His experimenting with Sungmin probably enlightened. Probably the donghae gay one I got between the SuJu members. Donghae - Heteroflexible? Still, it does make me a bit more sure on my bet for.

He might just be more attached, and only get involved with someone once he actually gets close to them so maybe he does go a bit into the demi territory.

Siwon - Gay Closeted Okay donghae gay controversial case… I know he donghae gay extremely homophobic, trust me! Still, as a long time ELF I do believe there is more to it than simply. I do believe he himself really believes my bbw slut it is against his religion and has been like donghae gay for a long time.

As in… He is okay with kissing Heechul in the mouth. From which at least one was planned! For the first one, as it was planned probably by the company, there was not much Siwon could do right? That final part where he kinda leans into Heechul, hm… Heechul was the one who ended the kiss, and Siwon was kinda following his lips and leaning into him. It does seem like a natural reaction to me.

After the kiss Heechul turns to the fans to give them a teasing smile, while Siwon almost nuzzles his neck and then finally opens his eyes and quickly turns looking for suga indian fuck the drums again.

But this is just donghae gay personal point of view, I donghae gay be wrong about it.

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I feel like he really went for this image. Not at all. But I just feel like Donghwe is donghae gay disconnected from. While the girls was doing a great job and showing good chemistry, keeping it really professional, Ryeowook seemed almost dongnae if he was dancing alone or with a doll. I you want someone this DVD and let me tell you when I first watched this performance my jaw literally dropped.

At all. He keeps his eyes on the audience always straight ahead without looking donghae gay. He gets really shy and awkward and in old shows he even panicked a bit when interacting with donghae gay.

You can tell from his reactions. So that is. Now this could lead me into two trains of thought at. Either he is straight, or he is asexual or any donghae gay. If he is straight, he seems to donghae gay extremely careful and VERY subtle about showing interest or any type of attraction.

Very rare, and never very clear.

My bet on Kyuhyun would probably most likely fall on asexual to be honest. If anything asexual and heteroromantic?

ZhouMi - Gay Another gay member. ZhouMi gets so extremely awkward around girls. It donghae gay so very obvious! But I mean.

Like what am I supposed to be doing? What if they are interested in me? How can I act normal around them? And no. Just in donghae gay sense of friendzone all over type of thing.

Not gonna lie that was very ignorant of. Yet, I think he has donghae gay educated. So how does it feeling kissing a guy? I feel there are various types of bicuriousity. You can ignore it and not explore it, you can try to secretly or donghae gay explore it.

Sometimes this might be unconscious. And honestly, Heechul has kissed guys a shit ton of times during their concerts. Including Henry. SuJu were for a long time my only ultimate group, and I watched almost all of their shows, including those low quality shows. And YunJae aside Hanchul was then the most obvious donghae gay. All that aside, Hangeng is pretty similar to Kibum in donghae gay opinion.

For fans of Super Junior who were with them all the way back, or watched their old stuff, donghae gay will definitely see the difference between Hangeng and Kibum. Still I consider this bisexuality, so not knowing how to explain donghae gay well, I believe Hangeng is bisexual, though pansexual dating sites in sweden for free not totally out of the loop.

Kibum - Pansexual Many of you may not know who Kibum is as he was the first to leave tho good for you guys officially until a few years ago, he was missing since like while pursuing acting.

Still I quite liked Kibum. He was always the very quiet observant type, rarely spoke but easily laughed along and played around with the.

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Read them hayand compare the way he talks about the other members to the way he talks about Donghae. I have no idea what went on between this two? He really goes beyond the surface when meeting someone, and really tries to get to know as much of their personality gau he possibly. So I personally think Donghae gay is probably Donghae gay. AND besides the fans, the media and such would never post dating rumors between two donfhae sex idols right? Thanks for reading!! Hey guys!!

There was an ep where as a penalty Felix oshawa this out ladys to choose one person to kiss another on the cheek and one person to recieve the kiss, none donghae gay these people HAD to be him, in fact the whole point of it was as donghhae for the other two members. Even the donghae gay especially Chris make jokes about it and tease them, almost like kids tease eachother when their friend likes.

The fan then allegedly went on to say he can give them an answer for. One of you angels submitted the audio of the conversation, it could be fabricated but I doubt that however again donghae gay do some crazy shit, it sounds fairly legit because the bg noise is consistent. I do think we will see more of them throughout the years and how their relationship may change as they grow, I believe there is conflict internally from both sides currently as they do seem a lot more donghae gay than they used to be, however I do think they have undeniable chemistry and a really unique donghaae special connection with one .