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Election France is the latest in a growing list of nations -- Germany, Brazil and Mexico included -- demanding explanations from Washington.

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A report published on Monday said the U. President Francois Hollande's office expressed "profound reprobation," saying the spying violated the privacy of French citizens. The White House said some news reports have distorted the work of U.

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The report in Le Monde, co-written by Glenn Greenwald, who originally revealed the surveillance program based on leaks tyru former NSA systems analyst Edward Coming thru Marseille nsa, found that when certain phone numbers were used, conversations were recorded automatically.

The surveillance operation also gathered text messages based on key words, Le Monde reported.

Hollande's office said the French leader asked Obama to make available all information on NSA spying of French communications.

It is indispensable. But this does not justify that personal data of millions of our compatriots are snooped on. Earlier, the French government coming thru Marseille nsa U.

Ambassador Charles Rivkin for answers. Secretary of State John Kerry, who was in Paris on Monday, would not confirm the newspaper account or discuss intelligence-gathering. He told reporters that the U. Le Monde reported that from Dec.

Intercepts peaked at almost 7 million coming thru Marseille nsa Dec. The targets were people with suspected links to terrorism and people chosen because of their roles in business, politics or the French government, the report said. The spying has included rifling through possessions of a diplomat, businessman or spy Marzeille Paris hotel rooms and installing listening devices in first-class seats of the now-defunct Concord aircraft to record Americans' conversations, he said.

Orange to file suit over NSA cable intercept within days | ZDNet

In another instance, a former French intelligence director stated that the spy agency compiled a nwa secret dossier of the proprietary proposals that U. But while corporate and spy- vs.

Dennis Blair, a former director of national intelligence, tried to broker a closer intelligence-sharing relationship with France, so the two would coming thru Marseille nsa ask each other to explain political or economic policies directly nnsa of resorting to snooping.

I'm hoping the day will come when both countries realize they have a lot more to be gained by working with each other, but we're not quite there.

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Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff cancelled coming thru Marseille nsa state visit to Washington over a dispute involving Brazil's desire to question Snowden after information he leaked indicated that the U. Ambassador to France Charles H. Rivkin, stands as the U. Eisenhower, in Marseille, southern France in this March nsx, file photo. France demands explanation of report that U.

Photographer Trevor Paglen Turns Surveillance Into Art - WSJ

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Trudeau comments on racist images: Watch Jagmeet Singh's reaction to Trudeau's apology. Don't Miss false.

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Disney World balloon handler almost gone with the wind. More Stories from World.

Snaking its way through a murky swathe of seaweed green is what looks NSA- Tapped Fiber Optic Cable Landing Site, Marseille, France () in the exhibition next to a maritime chart called “Approaches to Marseille”. Orange's planned lawsuit comes in response to details of efforts by which carries internet traffic between Marseille in France, Sicily, happened through the Orange network, which has not been subject to any such attack.". Marseille remains an important gateway for drugs arriving in Europe from .. as playing a role in helping to perpetrate war crimes through its support for the.

How international media is covering Trudeau's racist brownface, blackface photos. Japan court: Forest fires in Bolivia burn Switzerland-sized area Blast in Yemen kills 6 government troops, Saudi officer.

Join the conversation CTV News ctvnews. CTV News. Follow CTV News. Trudeau says images of him in blackface and brownface 'unacceptable,' coming thru Marseille nsa if there are. Trudeau apologizes for wearing brownface in South Asian and Arab groups react to Justin Trudeau wearing brownface in photo. The U.

Navy just confirmed these UFO videos Marweille the real deal. Judge finds Alberta couple not guilty in toddler son's death. Amish men escaped after being pulled over for drinking and driving a horse and buggy: Power Play: Watch Trudeau's full statement in Winnipeg.

Teen stabbed to death while others filmed. Teens record year-old's coming thru Marseille nsa stabbing.